Step 1 Step 1 Registration Click the Registration Menu & complete it.

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              Step 2 Step 2 Click Here for the Most Popular Or Sign Up, then 'CPQcart' to displays the 5 Offering, click on one with 


Step 3a Complete the option questions, Calculate Price, clear any errors

Step 3b  then  a few more Questions, then you will get the Order details eMailed to you.


Step 4 Based on your indicated Industry we will create a Site for you (Example with a  Predefined sample.



Step 5 You will receive email granting acess to your Dedicated Implementaion Spread Sheet with links to the Video & the ability to track your time if desired.  Also you will be granted access to the site Customer info Example 

Step 5

Step 6 You will have access to the Wizard so you can Apply your math rules on the Quote/Order Price , Adjust words & rules on allowed answers.

Step 7 Fax or email the Task H Acceptance from the Implementation sheet

Step 8 Have your web site admin person adjust your "Free Quote" link to "Click her for Instant Quotes" or your desired words.

You will now be able to Reduce the typical 8 Order Flow steps of collecting the Option answers down to 3.

Industries needing multiple option answers, Patented CPQcart provides Self-Service Cloud INSTANT $ Quotes with reduction from $15/Hr to $0.045/Hr/Product and reducing 8 Order Flow Steps to 3 plus more prospects on our marketplace.

CPQcart With Instant Quotes+ DNN® WCMS=Accurate Quotes + Lower Overhead + More Exposure & Increased Sales 24/7

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