What makes CPQcart unique?

CPQcart software is unique as we are the only Configure Price Quote-CPQ vendor with a Patented cloud based Instant Price Quote software integrated with a Marketplace providing multiple Instant Price Quotes in seconds without any human interaction on the Vendors partThis will be a disrupter to Home Advisor as well as other industries outside of home improvement.  It also has the ability for seller to find buyers for their Product they want to sell.  CLICK Here to go to our US Market Place.  Below are screen images.

MarketPlace Displaying Multiple Vendors in Prospect's area 
With INSTANT QUOTES $ Comparisions:

Above: Solution FLOW
1. Select Roof Product Group.
2. Select Type of Roof.
A. View Vendors in area,

B.Select applicable options & Select ones to Quote.
     Start the Quote Process of selected Vendors.
C. View Multiple INSTANT Quote

D. Place Order.
    Receive email.

CPQcart With Instant Quotes+ CPQ.siteUS.CPQ.market+ DNN® WCMS=Accurate Quotes + Lower Overhead + More Exposure & Increased Sales 24/7

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