This store from e Market Places LLC offering our patented product CPQcart a Configure Price Quote-CPQ that allows for unlimited product variants, sometime also called Product Options.  It allows extensive math computations on each of the variants to compute price (most e-Commerce only allow price on one variant selection).  We also offer a marketplace where you get exposure to new prospects that we draw to you to increase revenue and lowers overhead cost.  You do not need the hassle of SEO as our will be doing paid ads until our organic rankings increase for your industry.

This page presently Support CPQcart ability in all browser with the exception of Chrome where once submitted you have to clear Cookies and development is working on this.

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Category: CPQcart - Manufacturer: e Market Places LLC

Model Number: CPQcartDNNStoreCmsSaaS

CPQcart, DNN® store, and CMS we host

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This product provides CMS from DNN®, integration to DNN® store, CPQcart our Patented super variant product in a Software as a Service-SaaS environment.and also allows access on  the Market Place with a fee for each quote or order.

To list all of the features of DNN would be tremendous, so here is a higher level summary:
A Rich Text Editor for Content
File & Image Management
Cloud Ready & Microsoft Azure Compliant
Mobile-Ready Site Features with Mobile API
Core Platform written in C# and highly extensible
Single installation can handle multiple site portals
Modern Web Tools, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery
Bulk email management tools
Deep security & administrative protection




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