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Think what you train of thought is when you desire something?

Many wonder can I afford it!

If it is catalog item you most likely go to Amazon to see if you can afford it.

But if it is not a catalog item and answers are needed before a price can be quoted.

If the user cannot afford it isn’t it better to find out up front instead of wasting phone or visitation time.

We offer a patented solution with our eMarketplace/eCommerce engine allowing Configure Price Quote-CPQ industries that offer services or products with multiple options to receive INSTANT PRICE QUOTES.  The wizard enables companies to define the words used in the questions, rules on allowed answers to display in a pre-defined form.  Present sites with CPQ components ask prospects to describe projects in words that are not sufficient to generate a quote.  Then the prospect has to wait for a call back & soon even have a auto response someone will contact you within 24-48 hours.

"U.S. Census data shows that 90 percent of all businesses in the U.S. have fewer than 20 employees .... It’s safe to say the U.S. economy wouldn’t run without small businesses. "   CLICK Here for Details  This software will help small business!!!
The economic business case is quite clear.
Many high-skill professionals will earn more money on their own than by working for someone.
In 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated there were 2.7 million non-employer firms that are run solely by owners.
Nearly 70% of these solo businesses had annual incomes of $100,000 to $250,000, which are nearly two to four times higher than the average U.S. household.
Thirty percent of solo businesses earn more than $250,000 per year versus 2% of total U.S. households.

NOW with patented CPQcart it is affordable (only $0.25/Hr/24-7-365) to have a form linked to your site (Or it can be only for your employees) to ask those Option questions with you in control in our EASY TO USE WIZARD.

  • Our patented solution that allows Businesses' to provide instant price quotes and slash down your costs.
  • We know that having complete control over option questions, allowed answers, Inter-Relations Checking and math to compute the price is important.
  • CPQcart helps businesses' to create a repeatable business model and easily manage communication with their prospects.

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