Wouldn't it be easier to get instant quotes with Patented CPQcart, without having to go back and forth?

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Start your FREE 30 Day Trial! Then on Day 28, enjoy the low price of $1/Product/Day.

Your prospects will no longer have to wait up to 48 hours to submit their preferences and needs over the phone with you, then wait longer for you to email their quote. 

With CPQcart they will get an instant quote after submitting a predefined Form! 

We are not advocating to replace your existing website:

  • You have a link placed on your present website or you only provide our web page to your staff if you do not want it open to the public.
    • Your contact only site FORM can be replaced with a link to our www.CPQ.site\YourPhone# that has sufficient options to do a quote .
  • You control the option words, allowed answers, & math for computing the quote price. 
  • We do the rest of keeping you site up to date & backups.

CPQcart is a revolutionary instant pricing/quoting software that will save you and your potential customers’ time with the potential of increasing your sales and ROI. 

  • Are you interested in reducing overhead cost and time in the quotation process, while achieving more sales?
  • Are you interested in an automated self-help Instant Quote system with tracking of your Win vs Lose Quotes?
  • Are you interested in getting better pre-qualified leads that have a sufficient budget for your service or product?

This software cannot help you bring in new leads, but CPQcart can significantly improve the experience and quality of existing leads, as well as your earning potential, if the following applies to you:

  • You have an existing website

  • Most of your services and products can be quoted sight-unseen

  • You get new leads regularly

  • You enjoy making money

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of using CPQcart software:

1. Time - Less time will be spent on the phone and prospect interaction steps can be decreased from 12 to 4.

2. Leads - Your website can convert more higher-quality leads quoted at higher prices.

3. Lead management - All bids are priced consistently and contact info is never lost. You can also keep track of and compare quotes that were accepted or declined.

4. Professionalism - The software is patented, user-friendly and customizable to your needs. Add your company’s image and inspire trust with prospects.

5. Revenue - With a more refined sales process, you can make more money!

Go to our ROI (Return On Investment) web page https://www.cpqcart.com/ROI and discover your savings that can range for $4 to $1000s for each $1 spent on CPQcart. 

Still skeptical?  Test it for yourself with a Free 30-Day Trial

You can sign up for the FREE 30-day Trial (No Credit Card until day 28) with one of the three links below:

1. Go to or click https://www.cpqcart.com/LP/Survey

2. Go to or click https://www.cpqcart.com/ROI follow the notes.

3. Click Here Register, Click add to cart, answer Options then checkout.

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