So, what is this Patented CPQcart software and why does your company need it?

Simply put, CPQcart is revolutionary Instant Price Quoting/Order software for companies selling Services with or without products or Products that can have a different quote price when option answers are different based on their individual preferences and needs.

Your prospects will no longer have to wait 8-48 hours for calls from you to get the option answers, then wait for you to email the Quote.  They can see the Quoted price instantly after answering the options.

We are not advocating to replace your existing web site.  You link your present web site to ours.  You control the option words, allowed answers, & math for computing the quote price.  We do the rest of keeping you site up to date & backups.

Now with CPQcart your overhead cost can be reduced with the typical 12 prospect interactions reduction to 4 interactions, so faster Quote/Close rate and increased profit.

To see what YOUR Return on Investment-ROI is we have a web page for YOU.  Click here for the web page .  Our example data shows that if you only have a 10% INCREASE in closing order @ $1200/Order + $4.22 = A ROI of $2,404.22 gained per $1 spent.

1. What is CPQ and CPQcart?

CPQ is an acronym for Configure, Price, Quote.  CPQ is used to describe the process of selecting options (configure), handle pricing (price) and generate documentation (quote).  CPQ software is primarily used for complex services, products, or a combination of the two.

What makes CPQcart software unique as we are the only Configure Price Quote-CPQ vendor with the stand-alone web based Instant Price Quote also called Real-Time Quotes software integrated with a Marketplace.

  1. The Marketplace matches prospects living within your service area (you designate X Miles) to your company.
  2. Other Marketplaces only match prospects to vendors within your area then the vendor has to expend effort to call or visit to get the option answers before a quote can be prepared.
  3. With ours we match prospects in your area and the prospect gets multiple Instant Price Quotes with your Quoted dollars in seconds without any human interaction on your part.
  4. This will be a disrupter to Home Advisor as well as other industries outside of home improvement.

It can also be used by office and field staff to ensure consistent quotes are provided to prospects.  These quotes are emailed to the customer and stored in the cloud.

Our website and other sites indicate you will "win more jobs, at a higher rate with less effort" using their software. Before you start throwing your money at the screen, there are things to consider. For many service business owners, this claim may sound too good to be true. So understandably, you might have a few questions, such as:

1. Can I trust it to price my complicated quotes accurately?
2. Won't I lose customers who I don't talk to personally (i.e., I am a great salesman and can sell snow to Eskimos)
3. Can I afford it?

We will also discuss what problems the software solves and how useful it is for your particular service business.

2. What problems does this software solve?

Below you will find the major advantages CPQcart claims to have over your current sales flyer website and Free Quote or Free Estimate, or Call for Quote form.

     A. Missed Opportunities (after-hours quotes)

And, of course, responding to all inquiries from prospects is a top priority. Whether you are a one-man-show or you have a team of people watching the phones, there are likely to be incoming calls that go unanswered after business hours. If your business is popular then you also know how frustrating it can be just to handle all the calls coming in during the day while providing accurate and consistent quotes. Not to mention following up with customers who didn't book right away. If you are a small business, answering calls in the field may be near impossible if you want to get anything done at all. Plus taking calls while your customer is staring at you can be uncomfortable.

Having Instant Price Quote software linked from your site allows your customers to get bids even when you cannot answer the phone. CPQcart bills itself as a member of your team that will work 24/7 to turn your website's visitors into higher paying customers by providing accurate quotes, and offering 'add-on' services. To keep your callers from going elsewhere when you can't pick up makes sure your company voicemail includes directions on getting an "instant estimate" on your website.

     B. Do people really fill out the quote form 24/7?

Quoting patterns will vary by company, but this indeed is one of the best things reported about the software. Getting an email saying "A customer is ready to book" is very satisfying, especially after hours. Research shows companies that simply having an "Instant Price Quote" button inspires more of their website's visitors to request a quote than would otherwise. Research shows having the predefined form with all the options on their site keeps their phone lines clear of price-shoppers who have no intention of booking as they tend to fill out the online form rather than call.

     C. Pricing Accuracy

CPQcart encourages you to take your time to set up the pricing points and test your form to make sure it is giving correct and consistent quotes. Making a mistake here can cost you a lot of money. In my testing, I found that it is easier to make a mistake than you may think. Especially if you have multiple services to set-up. But once validate your predefined form with our easy to use Wizard, the software may be more accurate and consistent than your staff. But remember that quotes should be confirmed once your crew is on-site, just as any traditional off-site estimate needs to be verified on-site (a customizable disclaimer link is provided). The software does calculations based on the information you tell it to gather. So, if the pricing is not accurate, it is likely due to a rushed setup.

     D. Customization

As you can imagine, each company has its own set of unique services and pricing. For a service like CPQcart to be successful there must be a lot of customization parameters available to set. CPQcart delivers on this, allowing you to change everything at any time. It allows for a variety of pricing conditions. And, just as any human, the software does not know if a prospect is accurately selecting options.

     E. Complicated Projects

As you may expect there will be times where an accurate quote cannot be given without first seeing the job site. This is especially true for commercial clients. For simple quotes, the software can provide accurate quotes. We found that more than 80% of bids fall into the category. For customers with more complicated projects, CPQcart can still be useful in setting up appointments.  We provide inter option checking and when one option is required of another option a message is displayed & prevents from showing a price.

    F. Add-Ons

This is a huge feature that makes CPQcart invaluable in your sales process. Never underestimate the power of suggestion in the sales process. Each quote given to a customer is an opportunity to add options. Chances are good that your potential customer does not know every service that you provide. We all know from years of going to grocery stores and seeing the goodies they place next to the register that people in 'buying mode' are highly suggestible. In the quote process, they will be shown your "goodies" - or "other services," and given a chance to add it to their quote. Since there is no harm in adding it to the quote many of your site's visitors are likely to add a service or two "just to see" the price. And who knows, maybe they'll like the price.

What If a potential customer calls your office staff? Can they still be upsold? If you implement CPQcart into your office sales process then yes. Your team will open the web page and they too will be prompted to upsell on-screen.

Never underestimate the power of suggestion!

3. CPQcart as a Salesman?

You may be worried about trusting a software application to sell your services for you. Perhaps you think it will encourage more window-shopping and won't convert well. Maybe you are an award-winning salesman who always books the job and can't risk letting go of the reins. That's understandable. You should consider the following:

  • Do you have time to connect with every customer yourself?
  • Is this sustainable?
  • Most of your site's visitors who want to call will call. But those who are hesitant will not hesitate to fill out a Pre-Defined form for an "Instant Price Quote".  And remember you will always have their contact info if you want to call them. With CPQcart you save time without letting go of the sales process completely.
  • You set the pricing, you set the follow-up schedule, you create the process, and at any time you can step in and contact the lead yourself. CPQcart gathers their info for you.

So, although every market and pool of customers is different, we have found this to be a non-issue. In fact, our research suggests that the software does not decrease the number of sales but often increases the number of quotes given out, making it possible to sell more. There are many prospects out there who will not pick up the phone to call but will fill out a form on your website. Perhaps they don't want to, aren't ready, concerned they cannot afford it or can't talk on the phone but are still interested in a quote. And once they fill out the form, you have their contact info. I would agree with someone who says "you need to make a personal connection with the customer," but CPQcart can create more sales opportunities for you and make the process more organized. The amount of sales is still heavily dependent on your product and customer service.

4. Lead Management

The software makes it easier to track your leads and stay organized. Once a bid is given, an email is sent to the potential customer. The quote is also sent to the site Admin and saved in your CPQcart account. No more losing customers because of misplaced phone numbers or not having time to follow up.

You can have significant improvement in their lead management processes and credit CPQcart for this.

5. Is CPQcart Easy to Set Up?

Setting up the software for your unique business takes time. The more services you have, the more time setup will require. You will need to make sure of your company's pricing and get comfortable with hard numbers as the software does not bargain, negotiate or 'read' the customers mind. While setting up your services, you may notice that there are a variety of options that you may have never considered.

It is expected that setup is the most tedious part in integrating any software into your sales process. If you find that the initial set up is a bit harder than it could be, hang in there, it is well worth your time and effort. That being said, since this issue is somewhat subjective, I wouldn't call it a problem.

It should be stressed that a rushed setup can easily lead to inaccurate bids being given.

Our Wizard allows you to be in control without having to know coding.


Above Home Cleaning Quote Screen:          Wizard control of words:                             Wizard control of math:

6. What does CPQcart cost?

The starting pricing for CPQcart after the Free 30-Day Trial is Month 1 $274, Month 2 & there after $174/Month.  Some other options are available such as changing the access from to  Also, more education beyond the 1 Hour provided.

7. If you have some Questions before starting the Free 30-Day Trial?

Click here to schedule a phone appointment.


What CPQcart can do for your business is significant. If you are just starting out you may not have the budget to pay for anything beyond gas and supplies. CPQcart cannot help you if you don't have leads coming in, but once you do, I would highly recommend using this software if most of the following applies to your company:

  1. You have a website.
  2. A good percentage of your jobs can be bid sight-unseen.
  3. Your phone rings regularly.
  4. You like making money.

Still not convinced? Let's do a quick recap of the benefits:

  1. Time - You and your staff will spend less time on the phone and can decrease the prospect interactions from 12 to 4.
  2. Leads - Your website can generate more leads quoted at higher prices.
  3. Lead management - All bids are priced consistently, contact info is never lost.
  4. Professionalism - The software is Patented, modern and customizable to your needs. This supports your companies’ image and inspires trust with prospects.
  5. Revenue - With your sales process more refined you will make more money.
  6. Go to our Return On Investment-ROI web page and discover your savings.  Our example data has if 10% (two new orders) @ $1200 + $4.22 = ROI $2,404.22 gained per $1 spent.

CPQcart is a worthwhile product that will offer significant value to your business and deserves a good long look. Still skeptical? Test it out for yourself with a Free 30-Day Trial. 

You can sign up for the FREE 30-day Trial (No Credit Card until day 28) with one of the three links below:

  1. Go to or click
  2. Go to or click follow the notes.
  3. Click Here Register, Click add to cart, answer Options then checkout.

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