This page allows you to enter your data a see that for each $1 dollar spent on CPQcart the dollar saving you can achieve.

With CPQcart a Return On Investment ROI can vary from $5 to $1000s per $1 spent on CPQcart. 

We have modified our CPQcart shopping cart into related question to compare your present Quotation to Patented CPQcart.

Step 1 Login with User=roiwithcpqcart Password=SignMeUp@2020

Step 2 Click on this link to open up the ROI Calculator 

Step 3 Click on  

Step 4 Complete the option questions  clear any errors then view the Dollars saved for each One $1 spent on CPQcart.  Do what if by chaning some option answers to see various results.

Step 5. Select Yes in '21. Are you ready to start CPQcart' Click  a few more Questions, change the email to yours so we both get the eMail, and your main telephone number, then we will notify you when your site is ready.

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