We have Patented Contactless Quote Software to allows Users with Self Help to get Instant Quotes.  We have 100's of examples at http://coa.cpqcart.com/cpqcart/

Contactless Quote Software that allows the Vendor Admin to define Option Questions, Rules on allowed answers, math to take the option answers to compute the Price, and Inter Option Checking for conflicting options.

It is also integrated to our Patented Market Place http://www.us-buy.cpq.market/ where Users get Multiple Contactless Quotes.  We are the only CPQ vendor with this capability.

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In the Market Place the user answers the Options Questions once then it is sent Electronically to the Subscribing Vendors Near them, then displays $ Quoted back in Seconds without Human Intervention by the Vendors.  Click here http://www.us-buy.cpq.market/How-It-Works for more info.  Also Click http://www.us-buy.cpq.market/Demo/Example for a live demo.

Below is sign outside Home Depot.  

We do it Instantly whereas they have "What Happens Next? 1 Our local fencing installer will call you shortly to discuss your needs and set up a free in-home consultation."

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