Our Staff has many years of IT experience in  Configure Price Quote (CPQ),  ERP, & Order Entry Systems that deal with options in the Manufacturing Industry.  We are now offering this technology to any business that sell or buy a product or service with options in a Patented Quote engine. CPQcart allows the site Admin in a wizard to enter all applicable questions, rules of allowed data entry, inter relationship checking, math to calculate selling price without expensive programming.  Lee was a Guest Speaker at the 2019 DNN Summit in Denver, CO.

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Lee Hinman the inventor and CEO has been a pioneer in this industry as he had the first micro computer store in south Florida in 1977, Pompano Beach.  He was selling business application to business.  He sold Micro Computer to IBM in Boca Raton before they come out with the PC.  There were only 3 Micro Computer manufactures at that time, Digital Group, Sphere, & IMSAI.  Lee's Digital Group Micro computer could plug in a CPU card with either 8088, 6502, Z80, & 8008 CPU processor.

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